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Some phenomena of the skin reveal activity of the body which is independent of the will, a non-conscious consciousness which is itself the essence of life.
This video project initiated by the young filmakers’ studio in Brussels along with the joint participation of Vidéographe is a transatlantic correspondence between 9 Québécois and 9 Belgian videomakers. After having received a videotape containing the first signs/clues from the Belgian participants, each of the Québécois participants (Brigitte Nadeau, Barbara Ulrich, Marie-France Giraudon, Paul Landon, Stéphane Wikaryjak, François Daigle, Martin Leblanc, Judith Vienneau and Yanick Beaudoin) send -like a bottle in the sea- the Belgians their video letters. In turn, they receive answers from the Belgian correspondents, (Kita Bauchet, S, Yvan Flasse, Arno Monck, Inès Rabadan, Chris Delville, David Lebouille, Stéphane Vuillet, Antonin De Bemels).
This film doesn't leave spectators indifferent. It presents the story of a lonely man, in his forties, waiting for his welfare cheque in order to enjoy life. This short film lets the viewer see the life of a lonely man that is not so different from our own.
Borrowing images from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, lefave revisits one of the most famous murder scenes in film history. In this case however, the search is for the absent female body. Is the female gaze dead?
"Twinings" explores the issue of class, communicative systems and perception using dance, humour, technology and performance

00:00:15;00 is an experimental video based on 15 seconds of footage which has been processed and repeated 15 times. This structure is intended to mirror the processes of repetition and rehearsal, which are part of memory. Words appear out of an abstract landscape hovering for a moment on the verge of disappearance. Failure and breakdown are also part of the structure as the image flashes, rolls and disintegrates between each repetition. Original sound based on noise and tone generated in Metasynth and Protools amplifies the feeling of repetition and imperfection.

1 Seconde is a study of video animation and an exploration of the endless possibilities in a short span of time.
Drama represented by the arrest of Jafar Panahi... until he is freed.