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The action of drawing seen in this video work was performed by the artist looking through the video camera’s lens, breaking the learned operation of movement related to the sense of sight (hand-eye coordination). For the artist, the video camera stops being the media, it becomes an instrument to break down and mismatch the human body in the action of drawing. The drawing, of a perfect circle, acquires the characteristics of a solid body only when it reflects its surface, in an optical illusion that breaks its contained visual assurance, breaking with the appreciation of the horizon, breaking the link between one’s sense of sight and the action of the drawing, through the medium of the camera lens.
Abstractions is a series of abstract, non-narrative, audiovisual electroacoustic compositions created with digitized paintings and videos. The work is a series of animated tableaux. "Life" is breathed into these still images through movement, animation, and the superposition of images and music. The music is a hybrid combining influences from experimental electronic, ambient, minimalist, repetitive and concrete music. The work questions the implications of this synergetic and synesthestic art of time, space, movement, light and intensity. It is also a reflection on the meaning and reception of such a work, both on a cognitive and aesthetic level. The relationship between sound and images are at the core of this creation project.
Activated Memory II, created for, uses buildings as the main subject of observation. As a counterpoint to parks (Activated Memory I), buildings are characterised by angular forms and opaque surfaces. Architecture is used as a point of departure to create instability. Buildings discompose their limits into the frame while the geometric original shapes and dimensions of the image loose control to create an entrance to a chaotic space where forms become liquid.
There is a lot of anxiety today about information overload, corporate control of the news, and commercial propaganda flooding the expanding global technological infrastructure. People seem to feel they are coping, but they fear being overwhelmed in the near future as networks increase their saturation of mediated images, sounds, stories – a plethora of calculated manipulations.
The information bomb exploded in the early 1990s, when computer networks attained a critical speed and scale, flipping the gates wide open to unleash a torrent of blinding, deafening code – a thunderous explosion of advertising, entertainment, voice, and data. Now, we have become the organic components of an integrated global data and information system.
Josephis and Nashtash, an elderly couple from La Romaine, share their knowledge of Innu culture through the practice of plucking and gutting eiders.
Juxtaposition of seeing and sounding, sky and stone and all that’s in between. A short walk in an alleyway, to hear vision sounding images, blessed with light and darkness.
Animation is a series of three short animated drawings. Each animated drawing explores a different animation technique, but all are made "frame by frame" at a rhythm of 24 images per second. This video-music study focuses on the organicity of movement and the synesthetic perception between sound and image.
Gods in the world created by Sophocles (495-406 B.C.) are distant; their actions are often incomprehensible. The laws of humans are absolute, and cannot be transgressed. Yet Antigone decides to break these laws. Her murdered brother must receive the respect, she believes, he is entitled to, regardless of the fact that he is considered a traitor. When Creon finally decides to grant Antigone her wish, it is too late. This 631-verse ancient Greek dramatic poem has been transposed to a contemporary North American city.